Here comes the sun

fashion changes, style endures

thank you for the feedback!

The bag you made is perfect! You exceeded all my expectations, it turned out beautiful!

D. Dalma

I bought a backpack from you a few years ago, I was lucky enough to see the small workshop on Kodály Körönd, the bag is great, I've loved it ever since, love can't be beat:D

A. Zsófi

Hey! I just want to say that you guys are awesome!

O. Víta

It's almost time to get a new, brownish H.ELIX, if you finally manage to decide which one to get. I just looked around the bag market online and offline, but damn you guys are still the best!

B. Flóra

I bought one years ago and it's like new. I don't spare it, though:D It's really rainproof, everything fits, and they're beautiful too. A special advantage is that it can be expanded for unexpected shopping. I can only recommend it, several of my friends bought it after seeing mine:D

A. Lídia