Representing and strengthening the awareness and sustainable approach of a modern and forward-looking brand is essential, not a marketing ploy.

I think that in the fight against problems caused by environmental protection and climate change, in addition to the rules, innovation should be our main tool. We have solved a lot of problems so far, and we are able to overcome this as well. Of course, this is not primarily the task of one brand, but at the same time it is the task and challenge of everyone at the same time, so everything must be examined in light of this.

The production takes place entirely at home and we have no plans to change that. A significant part of our materials is also produced here, and what is not produced here comes from the EU rather than further afield. Our textile leathers come from Italy and Poland. In this way, much less energy is used for transportation, the quality can be better guaranteed, and the benefits of the local economy come with it. Our home delivery is carbon neutral, we compensate for the emissions caused by it.

Many of our materials are plastic-based or contain plastic. The practices of waste, overproduction and single-use products are rightfully criticized. Plastic is easy to produce and has excellent properties, which is why it has become widespread and why it is tempting to throw it away even after one use, which is an unsustainable and unnecessary practice. We manufacture long-lasting, durable products from it with virtually no waste, which can then be recycled at the end of their life cycle. I think this is a progressive, economical and conscious use of innovative and modern materials. Currently, most alternatives either have a larger footprint or are more in the experimental phase. We are constantly monitoring these and are open to combining the latest achievements with already proven good solutions.

In addition to innovation, strengthening weak points can be our other important proactive tool against the challenges of our time. An example of this is the question of the generated waste - on the one hand, we must strive to create as little as possible, and what we end up throwing away serves as much as possible until then, and can be recycled as much as possible. At the same time, we can curb environmental pollution not only in this way, but also by strict waste management to ensure that the waste that cannot be avoided does not end up in nature, not even in the long term. We try to maintain a good relationship with our customers not only before the sale, but also after it.

Many people have been coming back to us for years, and the whole family, group of friends, or half the workplace already has a H.ELIX. We pay attention to feedback, many things have been improved or changed thanks to them. We don't like to avoid problems, we like to solve them. We also service the bags in the long term if necessary, fortunately we have little to do with this thanks to their durability.