Our Story

I was 25 years old and I knew I wanted to create something, to follow my own path. The bag, as the product that defines the birth of the brand, was a sudden idea, and it came the classic way: we wanted a perfect city backpack for ourselves, but we couldn't find the right one, so we had to act. My mother sewed the first bags from leftover materials with a household machine that was the same age as me, but we immediately felt that we had succeeded in something. I sold these at trade fairs without a brand name, we bought the first professional materials from them, and we already made our mature models from them. We posted the first batch on our new Facebook page in the fall of 2015, which was immediately taken up. In the early days, we had such "drops", in the meantime we also started to produce to order, and today, of course, we also keep stock. With this, we make our work easier, we supply our resellers and our customers who couldn't wait for a unique piece to be completed, or who simply fell in love with our classic model.

Since then, we have a professional workshop and we work together with a sewing shop specializing in work clothes and industrial equipment, with whom we have a very good relationship. we care My mother has been an important part of the team ever since, she participates in the design and the unique pieces come out of her hands.

Many old and new friends have already helped in one way or another in the work and building the brand, thank you again.

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- Dávid -

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