H.ELIX Nr.82
H.ELIX Nr.82
H.ELIX Nr.82
H.ELIX Nr.82
H.ELIX Nr.82
H.ELIX Nr.82
H.ELIX Nr.82
H.ELIX Nr.82

H.ELIX Nr.82

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  • Vegan Friendly
  • Recycled materials
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Model wears size "L"

Our backpacks are made of waterproof technical fabric, traditional materials and textile leather. They are comfortable, practical and durable.

  • Outer fabric: Abrasion, UV and water resistant, premium technical or nautical fabric, or premium textile leather. 
    Material: acrylic, cotton canvas, PU leather
    Origin: Spain, Hungary, Italy, Poland
  • Textile leather: the bottom, top and straps of the bag are made of premium upholstery and nautical PU or PVC leather. 
    Abrasion resistance: ≥80,000-100,000 Martindale 
    Folding resistance: ≥100,000
    UV and waterproof 
    Origin: Italy and Poland
  • Front panel: Premium upholstery fabrics, or the above mentioned fabrics
  • Webbing: Reinforced premium woven PE or Nylon strap. 
    Tensile strength: 600kg 
    Origin: Hungary
  • Fittings: Stainless metal, heavy duty. 
    Origin: Hungary
  • Lining: partly recycled PES waterproof fabric. 
    Origin: Taiwan

Shipping usually takes 3-4 days in the EU if the product is in stock. We will send you further info and the tracking number after the order is placed.

If the checkout is with a Preorder button, we will make your backpack just for you.

We are a small, manufacturer owned company, making modern backpacks in a traditional way.

We source, produce and stock locally, therefore we can manage to operate this way as well. This is also the best way to make sure there is no waste produced.

It takes us 3 weeks maximum to make your backpack. We will keep in touch with you during the process of fulfilling the order.

We thank you for your trust and patience.

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